Real estate is an essential asset of a heritage. We support you in the structuring and selection of your future real estate investments.

Find the real estate investment that best meets your expectations AARDGLOBE AG structures and selects for you residential investment products (furnished rentals, fragmentation, Pinel law, Malraux law/Historical monuments, etc.) or tertiary (offices, hotels, etc.) meeting quality criteria at the through a selective and rigorous process.

Our support:

Asset research and analysis, selection of partners, tructuring and optimization of the mode of ownership, monitoring of operations and we also offer tailor-made support in the transaction of your residential properties.

Allow you to invest like an institutional

The best real estate investment opportunities are often reserved for professionals.

Our mission is therefore to make them accessible to private investors.

AARDGLOBE AG is an approved management company. It thus creates investment funds and club deals intended to invest in real estate.

AARDGLOBE AG gives you access to major real estate operations: office buildings, high-end hotels, shops, EHPAD walls, shopping centers, etc.

Our specialists are dedicated to finding, negotiating and structuring, for you, the whole operation.

AARDGLOBE AG is nearly 70.000 real estate investments and experts at your service.

Buying a house, renting an apartment or investing in real estate can often be complicated.

Whatever your real estate project, you can be sure to find all the answers to your needs and according to your lifestyle.

A real estate project is always an important chapter in life. This is why our Swiss real estate portal gives you practical advice essential for successful planning and realization, whether you are a buyer, tenant, seller, investor, financier of your purchase or move.

white and red wooden house miniature on brown table
white and red wooden house miniature on brown table
two black suede armchairs during daytime
two black suede armchairs during daytime
white and brown concrete building
white and brown concrete building


Our consultants, economists and analysts work together to identify the best real estate investment opportunities. At each stage of the process, our experts use proprietary tools: from benchmarking to portfolio construction, active use of the risk envelope.


We actively support our clients in the acquisition, management and sale of real estate and commercial investments. Foreign investors face serious challenges when it comes to direct investment in Europe. Transparency, control and trust are essential for investing in unregulated market segments. Additionally, direct investments generally require a much higher level of active participation and decision-making than indirect investments like mutual funds. Our clients must be informed in good time of the development of their direct investments. This way, they can take extra steps to ensure the success of their real estate investments should the need arise. We have no conflict of interest with our clients.


During a real estate crisis, luxury real estate is not at all impacted in the same way as other investments. Indeed, this market is a safe haven in situations where it is difficult to find safe and stable investments. nevertheless the world situation or the policy of a country can be a brake on luxury products.