Are you an individual ?

Your wealth is at the service of your life choices.

Our approach to wealth management advice revolves around four main questions:

What are your needs to finance your projects ?

How to anticipate your transmission, without losing control of the management and income of your assets ?

What goods can you give to your loved ones to help them in life ?

What capital do you need to protect to ensure your lifestyle, your financial independence ?

Are you a supplier ?

Asking the right questions throughout the life cycle of your business is to ensure the sustainability of your success, from creation to transmission.

We consider with you the different scenarios that can impact the sustainability of your success: divorce, accidental death, transmission of your business, its family transmission...

For nearly 15 years, we have been supporting entrepreneurs in optimizing the ownership and transfer of their business alongside their usual advisors (accountants, lawyers, notaries).

Organize your private and professional assets.

Carry out your heritage audit this audit sheds light on the asset-liability structure of your assets, the definition of your life choices over time.

A personalized study is then carried out in order to define with you a heritage and investment strategy corresponding to your heritage objectives.

Advise you on your investments from an investment of 150.000 CHF, you can become our clients and access Private Management for your financial and real estate investments.

The investment strategy is defined and adapted to your objectives with the support of the group's various specialists (financial, real estate, unlisted).

You accompany in the long term we carry out an annual update of your situation and your heritage objectives in order to adapt the investment strategy of your heritage.

person using MacBook Pro on table
person using MacBook Pro on table